Raw Chocolatey

Raw Chocolatey


✔ A Nutritious Way to Start Your Day - Increase your immunity with a nutritious breakfast. Prepare your most important meal of the day with our nutrient-rich waffle and pancake mix, which is crafted to support your keto diet.

✔ With Incredibly Crunchy Texture - Our low carb baking mix is vegan and has “no” gluten, egg, and dairy. Each bite delivers a crisp texture and sweet flavor unlike any waffle you’ve had before.

Beyond Breakfast Goodness - Pancakes made with our low carb and protein-rich keto pancake mix are not only great for breakfast, but they also make excellent keto snacks. Use it to make cookies, scones, waffles, donuts, churros, and more - hassle free!

Supports Weight Loss - By having this keto pancake mix in your pantry, you can always make great-tasting treats that go well with your keto diet. With LusOasis, you can easily prepare keto friendly food that supports your weight loss goals.

✔ Chocolatey and Nutty Bites - Every bite of a vegan chocolate treat made with our mix delights your taste buds with the decadent flavor of cocoa and dates with nutty hints of almonds.

Almond Flour, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Dates, Unsweetened Cocoa, Flaxseeds, Baking Powder, Salt