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Hi, I’m Huan!

Nice to Meet You.

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I have both a Master and a Doctorate degree in Food Science.  I had successfully climbed the corporate ladder one by one in big food companies over the past 10 years and held executive leadership positions that made big impacts in the company.  But I was not happy.  Something was missing.  That was until 3 years ago, I started an inner engineering journey and a vegan diet, I was able to gain much more clarity in my mind and realize that I can never be completely happy if I only focus on narrow personal success.


Eureka! I had been numbing myself (with personal glory) to ignore my compelling responsibility as a food professional to bring something creative and useful for improving people’s wellbeing.  There are many confounding and conflicting factors about which foods are truly healthy on the market.  I constantly perceive that many people around me become falling victims to marketing gimmicks on hidden sugars, sweeteners, and empty calories, while some health-conscious ones feel jaded with the buzz words and obscure options, and others simply give up trying healthy food as they appear boring, void of flavor, time consuming, and not fun.  

Boom! All of these pain points roared at me, and my inner voice became stronger every day: you have mastered so much about #food science and #nutrition, but why are you not using them to bring true wellbeing benefit to so many people who need them? Do not get trapped in your personal success and comfort, and it is time to be brave and to pursue a higher #purpose of your life.

You all now can guess the rest of the story…I started LusOasis Foods, quit my secure full-time job in the midst of a global pandemic, now am on the path to pursue my true happiness by serving all of you who care to listen to me 😊, and to help me create foods nourishing your ultimate #wellbeing.  I am committed to provide food lovers everywhere with flavorful, fun, and future-focused vegan foods that make each mealtime an exciting and creative experience.  It is my sincere wish from the bottom of my heart that LusOasis Foods will help to clear your body and mind, boost your #energy, increase your #awareness, and eventually help to find your true #happiness.

Love & Blessings,


Huan Xia, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

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